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Inspiration | Buddha Quote

Riah Tarango
May 5, 2020

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without

– Buddha

I’ve seen conflicting information whether or not this is an actual Buddha quote, but the words are so beautiful that I thought I’d share it regardless.

Peace comes from within, do not seek it without. Inspiration | Buddha Quote - The Wanderful Soul Blog

I hope that everyone is finding their own inner peace with the amount of time we have to spend with ourselves lately. It’s been a rough time for many of us, but I hope you’ve been able to shift away from the negative and towards the positive.⠀

I’ve been trying to go for more walks outdoors, read more, exercise more, eat better, do more productive work, and chat with all of you in this beautiful community. It has done wonders for my mindset and I thank you all for sticking with me! Especially those who support my tiny shop by making a purchase!

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Have you made any positive changes to help with your mindset during this time?

❀ Riah

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